At first sight, Eating Snow, the joint project by Douglas Greed and Mooryc, seems like a dissimilar pairing, i.e. a seemingly incompatible clash of characters and acoustic worlds. On the one hand, there is the producer and dj Douglas Greed, the stage hog with heart and style, the lively allrounder from Jena who has a waggish sense of humour. In the course of years, he arrived at house and techno, which he interprets in his very own manner since 2005, via drum’n’bass and hip hop. On the other hand, there is Mooryc whose musical family home gave him jazz, vinyl and an academic approach to music. Since the age of seven, the instrument maker and singer with Polish roots plays the piano and to cap it all, shines with a zen-like aura – onstage as well as offstage.
However, if you watch – and especially listen – more carefully, you will notice that the meeting of these opposites doesn’t just make sense, but that it’s also one of the most exciting collaborations in recent times which ranges from sensual indietronica to powerful house right up to perfectly grooving pop moments.
Douglas Greed and Mooryc, who have meanwhile ended up in Berlin, met at a festival in Poland. Shortly afterwards, they exchanged their first ideas via email and in 2011, Mooryc contributed his vocals to Douglas Greed’s debut album „KRL“ with his home label Freude Am Tanzen, with which he also releases his solo music regularly ever since then. A track quickly became a solid collaboration, and „Dougi“ and Mooryc became „Siamese Twins By Choice“.
The music symbolises the heart they share. In this manner they walked the path from a festival to a feature to friendship, from techno to electronica to a band, together. Yet, the music is only a „secondary main concern“ to Eating Snow, the actual impulse however is „the joint time and the beer-soaked silly chitchat“, as Douglas Gredd himself put it.
In the course of months, during which their joint debut album „Eating Snow“ developed in various studio sessions in Jena, Berlin, Wustrow and Poznan, they shared not only a fantastic time and plenty of beer, but also played their favourite music to each other and philosophised until late at night.
Nevertheless, when it comes to recording and the interplay of electronic beats as well as melodies and lyrics, their common love for melancholy in great songs appears. Sometimes completely narrowed and fragile, sometimes coupled with electronic beats, yearning lyrics and a groove that nobody will be able to forget after listening to it for the first time, thus being responsible for forming a bond between Douglas Greed and Mooryc despite all contrasts. This may find itself in their songs in the most different facets .